How to protect yourself from “evil doppelgangers”?

How to protect yourself from “evil doppelgangers”?

Let’s give a couple of simple tips that will protect you when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

The main advice is to use a personal access point instead of public Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to set a strong password to protect your access point!

Disable automatic network connection. If automatic connection is enabled on your device, it will automatically connect to any networks that you have previously used as soon as you are in the coverage area of such a network. This can be dangerous in public places, especially if in the past you have unknowingly connected to the “evil doppelganger” network. To always connect to the required genuine network, turn off the automatic connection every time you leave your home or office.

Use a VPN. If you prefer to use public Wi-Fi networks, install a reliable VPN application on your device that will encrypt or hide your online activity before sending it to the network, making it impossible for a hacker to read and understand it.

Do not connect to insecure networks.

Unsecured networks do not have enough security, and the “evil twin” networks almost always have such a designation. Hackers often rely on the fact that people ignore this characteristic and connect to the network without thinking about the risks.

Use multi-factor authentication. In this case, even if a hacker receives your registration data (login and password) to access such accounts, the enabled two-factor authorization option will not allow him to successfully access your account.

Open only those sites that use HTTPS. These sites offer end-to-end encryption that prevents hackers from tracking your activity during their visit.